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How to Create an Excellent Password

When you sign up for an account on any website, you’re probably prompted for a password. The password you use is probably going to be the same password that is used for every one of your other accounts (which is bad).

Creating A Simple Discord Bot

A while back, I noticed that a lot of the memes sent in the #memes channel were from Reddit, specifically r/ProgrammerHumor. Since I was bored, I wanted to make a bot that takes the top posts from that subreddit and post them in the Discord channel.

Alfred Workflow for My Website

Whenever I want to add content to my website, I have to do a few things:

  1. Open terminal, navigate to the website directory, and start the Hugo server
  2. Open the website directory in Finder
  3. Open the markdown file for my post with Typora

Using Hugo and Netlify for My Website

After I published my previous blog post, I sent it to my friend. He responded by sending me his first blog post, which was similar to my first. In his post, he outlined the process of setting up his website with Hexo and Netlify, which was possible because it was a static site.