This post is meant to be a reflection about the classes I took at UCLA this quarter, and a little bit about what’s happening next quarter. I took CS 32, Math 33B, and Physics 1B this quarter. If you read the previous post Fall 2020 Reflection and Winter 2021 Predictions, the format will look very similar.

I’m squeezing out this post on the first day of spring quarter (whoops) because procrastination is a thing.

Winter 2021

Let’s start with winter classes.

CS 32: Intro to CS II

I went to Casey Nachenberg’s CS 32 lectures because they were at 10am and I was already awake from a 9am class. That’s it. Overall, everything I learned was completely new to me. My least favorite thing from CS 32 is linked lists, which also happens to be the topic of the project that I bombed. Polymorphism and inheritance were also pretty rough, but it seems like I did well on those. The one issue I had was not knowing practically 2/3 of my grade by week 10, so it’s hard to tell whether I did well in the class or somehow bombed 72% of my grade. I don’t know my final grade and it’s already spring quarter (understandable given the ratio of students to graders, but still).

I also got $20 from making memes, so yeah. (If you want a detailed post about my meme creation process, contact me or do nothing or whatever - I’ll probably write it anyways.)

Math 33B: Differential Equations

I learned most of the Math 33B content by doing the homework and quizzes. That’s pretty much it. The lectures and discussion were at 9am, and gravity is stronger than all my alarms combined if it’s that early in the morning. In the end, I got the grade I wanted.

Physics 1B: E&M

There’s a stereotype for physics professors that they give ridiculously hard exams that have a median of like 30%. Turns out, that stereotype is accurate for Physics 1B. I got lucky and learned most of the content before for the AP test (and by learned, I mean I crammed the afternoon before the AP test). About a third of the content for this course was about weird physics topics like sound and buoyancy which I had to go through before (thanks, Science Olympiad). In that sense, the exams were doable for me and I kinda dodged the bullet of “here’s a topic, let’s start by going through an extremely complex example worthy of being extra credit on the exams.” Other actual E&M concepts were a little tricky but doing the homework (even though I didn’t get like 20% of the questions) helped a lot. I got the grade I wanted in this class.

Spring 2021

I found out today (first day of the quarter) that I have 4 consecutive hours of class for four days of the week. Go me. Anyways, here are my spring classes.

CS 33: Intro to Computer Organization

CS 33 will probably be very fun but also very hard. I like solving the kinds of puzzles that are also in the labs, and in general I’m better low level stuff like machine code than actual programming (sad).

Math 61: Discrete Structures

I’m not sure if I’ll like Math 61 since I don’t like proofs. With that being said, similar to Math 33A and 33B, I can probably learn most of the content just by doing the homework. The lectures are at 12pm so I’ll actually wake up in time and attend.

Physics 1C: Electrodynamics, Optics, and Special Relativity

I studied most of the content covered in Physics 1C already, albeit not that much in depth. If people are new to this stuff, hopefully the tests will be easier and I’ll do well. Like honestly, who’s wants to learn about index of refraction or redshift/blueshift? The textbook is the same as Physics 1B (nice) but so is the homework (MasteringPhysics, which has terrible UX that I won’t get into just now).