I’ve always wanted to start a blog and just write about things that I want to write about. However, the website builder that I was previously using (Adobe Portfolio) had nothing for blogs, so it never happened. Last night (technically this morning), I was thinking of some cool stuff that I could write about, and I decided that I would create one with WordPress. I woke up, instantly got on my computer, and started making this.

Holy this was painful.

There were a few things I wanted to do with this:

  1. Create something that looks like my old website
  2. Have an easy-to-use blogging feature (after all, that is why I’m using WordPress)
  3. Have some portfolio functionality with photos/videos

First, I had to find the theme. This took like two hours because I couldn’t settle on anything that looked good and some template’s functionality was just straight up bad. There was this one template I used that looked pretty good, but the text color couldn’t be changed through the theme so it was basically unreadable.

Another frustrating thing was the new blocks. Everything from adding text to moving a block was super annoying and finicky, unlike Adobe Portfolio. To a new user, WordPress’s customization was like trying to build a defective LEGO set rip-off manufactured in some random dysfunctional factory in China that you bought off AliExpress for $10.

Eventually, after another hour of tweaking, switching themes, and literally deleting the entire website, I got something that works (for now). Blocks make slightly more sense now, and I can see the customizability and features of using this over something like Adobe Portfolio. (In all fairness, Portfolio was never meant to be for blogging.)

As I refine the design and add more blog posts in the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll be frustrated by even more things about WordPress, but I’ll just have to live with that. In the meantime, I have to decide whether or not to pay the $48 to link my domain.

Unless… I host the website myself.