Wow, no blog post in a week? What’s been going on? Well, not a lot. But also quite a bit. This is going to be less of a “normal blog post” and more of a “here’s a random list of things I did.” I’m also going to be trying out the Table of Contents, which should appear to the right above the menu.

Website Update

Most recently, I’ve updated the theme to v2.1.1. For some reason, I couldn’t just run:

git submodule update --remote --merge

Instead, I downloaded the theme manually and replaced the existing folder with the new one. This was fine because I didn’t make any changes to the theme other than the config file.

The two main changes were the new search option and a fix for dark images in dark theme.

Search Bar

Notice how that image isn’t dark anymore. Before, it would be at 60% opacity, making it really weird. Now, let’s take a look at something interesting.

Analytics from 6-15 to 6-25

The data is from 6-15 (first day of the site) to 6-25 (yesterday). Why is there a person from China and Spain on my site? Why is someone on my site at 5 AM? Why is there no light theme option for Google Analytics? (Sorry dark mode users.)


Ranked came out a few days ago, and of course I had to grind out my placement matches.

Valorant Ranks

For those of you not familiar with the ranking system, Iron 1 is the lowest rank and Radiant is the highest rank. Ranking up increases the number (Iron 1 to Iron 2 to Iron 3), and then it goes to the next rank (Iron 3 to Bronze 1, Bronze 3 to Silver 1, etc.). In the beta, I placed in Bronze 1 (I thought I would be gold/platinum) and climbed to Gold 2. I was surprised to place in Gold 3 this time!

Future Blog Post Ideas

To finish off, here are some cool ideas that I want to explore and write about. These are in no particular order:

  • Locating submarines in the Arctic using calculus
  • Choosing a major: aerospace/mechanical engineering vs computer science
  • 3D printing and stuff with Blender
  • Minecraft 1.16 speedrunning
  • Floating points