Ah yes, the obligatory monthly post. Even though my posting schedule is inconsistent, I’m never gonna give it up… just like how Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up.

Rickrolling is one of my favorite internet trolls because of its simplicity and success rate. People get “rick rolled” when “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley is played unexpectedly, whether it’s through a disguised link or an unrelated video that cuts to the song.

On my phone at 3AM

My friend sent me a video of someone going on YouTube and seeing that the song was removed for violating the ToS, and in my head, I thought to myself:

No way! This can’t be real. I’m probably getting baited into searching up the video and rickrolling myself.

I searched it up anyways, and promptly rickrolled myself. (Jokes on you, I enjoy that song.) I really liked the idea, but I wanted to make it a simple image.

Making the image

In my head, I imagined the top part to show the “removed due to ToS” message and the bottom to be the video description of the song. Thus, I took two screenshots - one of the official song and one of a random deleted video that happened to be in my Watch Later playlist.

After I got those two images, I downloaded Photoshop Mix on my phone. I think this is the closest thing to the desktop version of Photoshop, so I’ll be keeping that app on my phone (but it’s not like I delete anything; I have all of the English Wikipedia downloaded).

Next, I imported both screenshots and cropped the “ToS” screenshot to around the top third. The song screenshot was below that, so the result looks like this:


Reactions to the image

This actually worked a lot better than intended. When people reacted like “what???” or “what happened?” then I just replied with something along the lines of “does it work for you?” Here are a few reactions to the image:




Final image

Here is the final image for entertainment purposes (please use responsibly):


And by the way,

You just lost the game.